Social Impact

Kekalove Adaptive Fashion is a social business. We understand our work is just gaining momentum and we are proud to be one of the early starters in the adaptive world. We try to learn from people and collectives that were doing adaptive clothing way before we were here and we try to build on that, make it better, and definitely more accessible in our part of the world. 


Kekalove Adaptive is the first adaptive clothing brand in Azerbaijan. We put the spotlight on wheelchair users and let the members of the community speak up for themselves. In societies like this we live in, where ableism is prevalent, disability rights are not recognized, accessibility is at the bare minimum, fundamental needs of disabled individuals including healthcare, education and infrastructure are not properly met, we believe it’s actually very important to be vocal about all of the problems of disabiled community and demand change. 

Our social impact theory has three tracks:



the impact one Kekalove product has on the world. When a piece of Kekalove clothing is sold, how does that affect the world? Our products help persons with disabilities save time and energy because they are functional and so easy to wear. Time and energy means saving money and increasing well-being. Our users enjoy increased life satisfaction because our products make life easy for them. 

Industry impact


the impact Kekalove Adaptive brand has on the fashion industry. When we design adaptive clothing, sketch our ideas, discuss them with manufacturers, talk to our suppliers and other stakeholders, we actively advocate for disability inclusion in the fashion industry. We introduce them to the world of adaptive design and open eyes to how clothing can become a challenge if you have a disability. 

Cultural impact discussion


We give persons with disabilities a voice in a place that doesn’t often see them. People around us, in our society, people who do and don't know us all get to learn about what it means to live with a disability, what challenges there are for them and how they can be best tackled. Check our website for more of the community voices and information about life with a disability. 


3 - good health and well-being
9 - industry, innovation and infrastructure
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12 - responsible consumption and production