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Kekalove Adaptive Fashion Show

Elevating Style, Empowering All: Unveiling Fashion Beyond Barriers

Welcome to the groundbreaking world of fashion that transcends limitations and celebrates diversity – the Kekalove Adaptive Fashion Show. Set against the enchanting backdrops of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, this one-of-a-kind event is poised to redefine the conventional runway experience. With a passionate commitment to inclusivity, Kekalove brings together a spectacular showcase that empowers people with disabilities, uniting style and functionality in every ensemble. From intricate designs that accommodate various mobility aids to innovative fabrics that prioritize comfort without compromising elegance, this fashion show is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of individuals who inspire us all. Join us on this journey where fashion knows no bounds, as we spotlight the beauty of differences and unveil a new era of glamorous possibilities.



Our Story

The genesis of the Kekalove Adaptive Fashion Show was rooted in a deeply personal journey of transformation and empowerment. The heart of the movement was Salimat Kekalova, a remarkable soul hailing from Zaqatala, Azerbaijan, who faced the challenges of a severe visual disability for two decades. Her life was a testament to resilience and the unwavering pursuit of dreams, despite the obstacles that sought to hinder her path.


After Salimat's passing in April 2021, a group of individuals who had been touched by her indomitable spirit came together. Bound by a shared desire to honor her memory and continue her legacy, they recognized the need to bring forth positive change in the lives of people with disabilities. In the face of adversity, the idea of the fashion show was born – a celebration of Salimat's profound impact and a platform to shine a spotlight on the incredible talents and potential of those who had been overlooked for far too long.

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Salimat Kekalova

What began as a heartfelt tribute soon blossomed into a powerful movement that traversed borders and transcended limitations. The inaugural Kekalove Adaptive Fashion Show marked not just a glamorous event, but the birth of a revolution. The show's runway wasn't merely adorned with stunning ensembles; it was a runway of empowerment, an embodiment of the idea that fashion could be both a statement and a source of inclusivity. Each piece designed and showcased was a testament to the harmonious fusion of style and functionality – a reflection of the resilience and creativity that define the lives of people with disabilities.


The impact was resounding. The Kekalove Adaptive Fashion Show became a catalyst for change, sparking conversations about the importance of representation and accessibility within the fashion industry. From Azerbaijan to Uzbekistan, the movement expanded its reach, touching the lives of thousands who had long yearned for a space where their uniqueness was celebrated, not concealed.


What started as a heartfelt tribute to a remarkable individual grew into a cross-border movement that sought to dismantle barriers and redefine beauty standards. The Kekalove Adaptive Fashion Show, with its compelling narrative of inspiration and transformation, continues to inspire a world where differences are celebrated, potential is unleashed, and fashion is a vehicle for empowerment. Salimat Kekalova's legacy lives on, not just in memory, but in the lives of countless individuals who now walk the runway of life with newfound confidence and pride.

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