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Adaptive Fashion is Becoming Popular and Here's Why

Adaptive fashion is on the rise. Folks who have been following the fashion industry already know this. More and more brands are releasing their adaptive lines and switching to more accessible designs. But why is that the case? In this article, we’re looking at why adaptive fashion has a promising future.

But before that, let’s first clear out what adaptive fashion means. This is a phrase that doesn’t really explain itself. Adaptive fashion is a form of clothing design that is able to accommodate persons with disabilities. Brands like Kekalove Adaptive Fashion employ a set of design thinking approaches to determine how and why traditional clothing isn’t the best option for the differently-abled. They work on solutions to provide customers with designs that are going to help them with their daily wear regardless of their disability status.

  1. One reason why adaptive fashion has become popular is that persons with disabilities today are more outspoken than ever. They advocate for inclusive design. Many of us have probably heard of many inspiring people doing this. Even in 2020, some communities stigmatize and discriminate against persons with disabilities. So inclusion and accessibility activism is still very much relevant. It’s because of their determination and bravery that today we enjoy the rights and laws helping people achieve their full potential regardless of their disability status.

  2. The business is more viable than ever. People have tried to do adaptive fashion in the past, even in the 1960s. Back then this was not a promising business. But as time passed, the community started growing richer and wealthier and today they’re able to afford clothing that’s specifically tailored to help them. So people started to buy adaptive clothing.

  3. People have understood the importance of inclusive design. The most developed and prosperous societies we see are the inclusive ones. Inclusion is the key to rapid development. Because it has the potential to bring out the best in diverse communities. Inclusive design is one way to include everyone in the economic process. It includes providing solutions for those who need them. Adaptive fashion is a form of inclusive design that’s seeking to maximize the well-being of persons with disabilities and provide them with comfortable clothing.

  4. One critical thing about adaptive fashion is that despite the common belief, it’s not only for persons with disabilities. People without disabilities can also wear

adaptive products. The key philosophy behind this industry is that it’s for everyone and doesn’t discriminate on the basis of disability.

Are you also interested in adaptive fashion? Check out our blog for more information about this industry and buy your favorite Kekalove designs from our shop.


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