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Kekalove Adaptive Fashion Took Part in YARAT Contemporary Art Exhibition

Kekalove was a part of an exhibition called "Peripheral Exhibition" within the frameworks of ARTIM Flux Program. The exhibition lasted from 18 Oct 2019 to 29 Nov 2019 and was a collection of contemporary art that discovered the marginalized sides of our life and lifestyle.

YARAT Contemporary Art Space is pleased to announce the group exhibition “Peripheral Expansion” with works by Aydan Ismayilova, “Calembour” Collective, Javid Gurbanov, Emin Mathers, Luciana Ohira & Sergio Bonilha, Sabina Aliyeva, “Kekalove” Collective, Tural Rahmanli, Vusal Rzasoy and “22” in the frame of ARTIM Flux project.

“Peripheral Expansion” brings together a group of artists exploring the paradox of the core/periphery dichotomy through a series of works enlightening those facets of life, which are given least attention to, neglected or overlooked. “Peripheral Expansion” investigates a complex hybrid system where the center and periphery interaction advocating as a living organism tackling the blurred line between the questions what exactly can be considered as a core and periphery and whether it can be perceived as an interchangeable process. The exhibition explores how the subjective perception of central and peripheral reflects the cognition processes within the individuals, as well as, a society trapped in the hands of globalization. Manifesting itself throughout the dynamic exhibition space design, the show invites the viewers to explore through which senses they resonate with the topic gaining viewer’s attention to what is lagging behind the surface within the peripheries of human existence and perception.

For the exhibition, the fashion design start-up Kekalove created a sample piece for inclusive clothing that seeks ways to help its targeted group with more adaptive, flexible and accessible clothing to make the process of wearing easier for everyone including persons with special needs, disabilities, elderly and in general, everyone with nontraditional body types.

The finisage of the exhibition featured a dance performance by a local inclusive dance group. The performance was in collaboration with Kekalove and was dancing in one of our adaptive pieces. Watch the performance below.


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