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People with disabilities and the opportunity to work as a model

Aybeniz Isakova went to a vocational course outside her home for the first time in 2016. Although it was difficult for her to be away from home, she continued and studied assistant chef, pastry making and design courses. She is also engaged in handicrafts and sells at exhibitions.

Then she heard about "Kekalove Adaptive" from her friends and decided to try herself as a model as she is a designer. After applying and being accepted, she went to the podium.

Aybeniz says that she feels powerful on the podium. Before, people looked at her differently on the street, as an alien, but on the catwalk, they looked at her as a star. Your next goal is to appear on the catwalk not as a single model but as a fashion designer-designer, to see your designs on models.

Follow the story of Aybaniz

We share the stories of women with disabilities in Azerbaijan. You can familiarize yourself with the policy document we prepared to study the difficulties faced by women with disabilities in the labor market in Azerbaijan.

Policy Brief (AZ)
Download PDF • 11.01MB

Policy Brief (EN)
Download PDF • 11.27MB


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