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Kekalove Adaptive published a policy paper on "People with Disabilities and Inclusive Labor Market"

With support from the United States Agency for International Development and Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, Azerbaijani non-profit for disability inclusion "Kekalove Adaptive" has published a set of policy recommendations on developing an inclusive labor market in Azerbaijan.

The paper discusses the current policy challenges for employing people with disabilities and obstacles for decent employment and lays out recommendations for improved legislation in terms of enabling people with disabilities with economic opportunities. The paper is the first publication in a new program by Kekalove Adaptive to improve the labor market in the country for people with disabilities.

The paper is authored by Kekalove Adaptive founder, disability rights defender Mahammad Kekalov, and Saxavat Yusifov and Qadir Qadirli, social policy experts of Social Rights Center, an NGO based in Baku.

Kekalove Adaptive is one of the largest employers of people with disabilities in Azerbaijan, creating job opportunities in modeling and handicrafts for people, especially women with disabilities.

Download and read the paper (in Azerbaijani) via the link below:

People with Disabilities and Inclusive Labor Market
Download • 5.73MB


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