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Women with disabilities and their employment in the arts

Many women with disabilities are engaged in handicrafts and accessory-making. However, they cannot always sell the accessories they make. This is because the products they make do not meet modern standards and fashions.

We are trying to develop the skills of artists with disabilities and introduce them to innovations in the "Accessory Crafts Program." Then we hold sales exhibitions and support them to earn income.

These exhibitions also increase the communication of persons with disabilities with each other and society. It encourages them to work harder on themselves, be active in society, and earn their income.

Learn more about Accessory Crafts:

We share the stories of women with disabilities. You can familiarize yourself with the policy document we prepared to study the difficulties faced by women with disabilities in the labor market in Azerbaijan.

Policy Brief (AZ)
Download PDF • 11.01MB

Policy Brief (EN)
Download PDF • 11.27MB


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