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Women with disabilities and their career opportunities in the arts

Khayala Yusif has been doing handicrafts since 2015. For the first time, she liked the picture of a bracelet sent by her relative and started making it by watching YouTube videos. She learned about handicraft exhibitions from others and already makes handicrafts and exhibits them.

Although she was also involved in online sales initially, she only goes to exhibitions as sales have decreased. It is not convenient for her to put his handiwork in stores. Sales at exhibitions are not stable. There were exhibitions where she could not even earn her travel allowance.

Khayala warns other disabled women about the difficulties of this art and its lack of future. She says they should get an education if possible. Because she could not get a higher education and now she regrets it.

Follow the story of Khayala

We share the stories of women with disabilities. You can familiarize yourself with the policy document we prepared to study the difficulties faced by women with disabilities in the labor market in Azerbaijan.

Policy Brief (AZ)
Download PDF • 11.01MB

Policy Brief (EN)
Download PDF • 11.27MB


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