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Persons with disabilities and infrastructure accessibility

Elchin Jalilov went to the city and monitored the availability of roads. In some places, it is impossible to move around the streets of the city with a wheelchair without any help.

Sidewalk ramps either do not exist or do not meet standards. At this time, we either have to ask for help or put our lives in danger by going out on the highway. The devices at the crossings also do not work. We get the answer that those devices have not worked for years. This is the result of his indifference.

He thinks that one of the main reasons is that people with physical disabilities are less visible in society. People with disabilities should join society more actively, report all the problems they see to the relevant institutions, and demand their rights. Because rights are not given, rights are taken.

Follow the Elchin's story

We share stories of people with disabilities. You can familiarize yourself with the policy document we have prepared to study the difficulties faced by persons with disabilities in the labor market in Azerbaijan.

Policy Brief (AZ)
Download PDF • 11.01MB

Policy Brief (EN)
Download PDF • 11.27MB


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